The Rifleman is the first unit unlocked in Boom Beach. He plays a very important role during your first day of attacking. This unit works like Archer in Clash of Clans when you deploy a large number of them, they can easily destroy enemy’s base.

Strategy Tips:

  • The Rifleman is strong enough when they are deployed in large numbers.
  • The Rifleman can be deployed with the melee unit “Heavy” that can draw fire. Deploy Heavies first and then Riflemen.  At this time, Riflemen can focus their attack while Heavies just play a role of being attacked. After all, the Heavy has higher HP.
  • The Rifleman can be used to attack enemy’s Cannons and Boom Cannons, especially when deployed in large numbers.
  • Warning: Riflemen are weak against Machine Guns, Mortars, Flamethrowers, and Rocket Launchers.
  • Due to their low housing space and shorter range, Riflemen can be used to protect Tanks from Cannons and Boom Cannons.

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Boom Beach Release Date is March 26, 2014, Now Live Worldwide

If you put Supercell’s Boom Beach on your wishlist and want to play this game, it is time to download as the company has just released the game for worldwide gamers.

At this moment, you can only play this game on your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that is built with the latest iOS7. For Android users and those who have not yet updated your iOS to the latest iOS 7, you will have to wait for Supercell’s ultimate release.

Here is the link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id672150402?mt=8

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